Go plastic-free this July

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Go plastic-free this July

How much single-use plastic do you think you could reduce from your everyday purchasing? Plastic Free July is a new approach to try and reduce our reliance on it.

Plastic has become an embedded part of everyday living. Left unmanaged it can have an adverse effect on our environment.

Marlborough District Council Solid Waste Manager Alec McNeil says recycling markets for plastics have been disrupted globally.

“With the tightening of quality controls into the Chinese recycling markets and the push for change from movies such as A Plastic Ocean, plastic is now under the spotlight like never before.”

“If you’re wondering what you can do to help to reduce our reliance on plastic, check out some options on the Plastic Free July website.”

“Packaging is an integral and important part of everyday life but our ability to reduce, reuse, recycle or recover these materials will require a coordinated response from all involved in its life cycle.”

Businesses have the ability to design out waste by addressing the whole lifecycle of products and their packaging.

“In the meantime think about what you purchase in July and see if you can rationalise the amount of plastic you consume,” Alec says.

Find out more on the Plastic-free website

For further information contact Alec McNeil on 03 520 7400.


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