Waihopai River reaches Class B shut off

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Waihopai River reaches Class B shut off

As the hot dry weather continues in Marlborough the region’s river levels are taking a hit.

Council’s Environmental Scientist – Hydrology, Val Wadsworth says site measurements on the Waihopai River this morning have shown river bed changes, which have affected Council’s flow measurements. This required a flow rating change which shows the actual flow is now below the 1900L/s Class B shut off level.

“All irrigators with Class B consents are now required to stop taking water from the Waihopai River. This applies to 30 consent holders,” Val says.

Class A consents remain available at this stage, however river water irrigation users are advised to monitor their useage and river levels closely over the coming days, as the river flows are dropping quickly.

Further information on irrigation status, including river flow graphs, can be found at: http://hydro.marlborough.govt.nz/irrigation/#/


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