Have your say on dogs in Marlborough

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Have your say on dogs in Marlborough

Now is the time to have your say on our region’s Dog Control Policy and Bylaw.

Consultation on the Marlborough District Council Dog Control Policy and Bylaw begins today and will run for six weeks, closing at 5.00 pm on Monday 9 November.

Animal Control Contract Manager, Jane Robertson, says the review proposes some changes.

“The new draft bylaw proposes allowing dogs into Blenheim’s CBD if they are on a leash and under control, and increases the restricted area around playgrounds for dogs from three to 10 metres. It also prohibits dogs from Blenheim’s Pollard Park and Ward Beach.”

“We want input from dog owners and the general public to make sure our policy and bylaw works for everyone in our region,” Ms Robertson said.

Following the consultation period a sub-committee of four councillors, Jamie Arbuckle (Chair), Barbara Faulls, Thelma Sowman and Nadine Taylor, will hear submissions on the review. Hearings will take place in early December when submitters will have the opportunity to speak.

The sub-committee will then make its final assessment before presenting the proposed policy and bylaw amendments to the Environment Committee. Once adopted by the committee, the policy and bylaw will go to the full Council for final adoption early next year.

Council is required to review its Dog Control Policy and Bylaw every 10 years. The last review was in 2012.

For more information and to make a submission, visit the link below

Go to the Proposed Dog Control Policy and Bylaw Review

Submission forms, copies of the Statement of Proposal, draft proposed policy and bylaw are also available at the Council’s Blenheim office, the Picton Library and Service Centre and from Animal Control, 56 Main Street, Blenheim.


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