Marlborough’s local recovery transition period extended


August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Marlborough’s local recovery transition period extended

Marlborough Mayor John Leggett today extended the local transition period from the region’s state of emergency caused by the August 2022 storm event for a further 28 days.

The notice of extension of the local recovery transition period, under Section 94D of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002, comes into effect at 4.30 pm today, Friday 23 September and expires at 4.30 pm on Friday 21 October 2022.

Mayor Leggett said the extension to the transition period is required to give the Council time to continue assessing the damage and consider the future levels of service in some areas.

“The August 2022 weather event and its impact on the Marlborough region is significant,” Mayor Leggett said.

Before the storm hit the Marlborough Roads team and suppliers managed to repair the majority of faults caused by the July 2021 storm, the ones which were left were complex and predominantly along the Kenepuru Road. However, the August storm has, as of 15 September, created over double the number of 2021 faults, with notable impacts in the Kenepuru area again,” he said

Estimates of the cost of the damage are still being done and have not yet been finalised however, initial assessments have shown that it could cost up to several hundred million dollars to fully restore local roads.

Mayor Leggett said long term recovery decisions for the region’s roading network will need to consider geotechnical and climate change risks, access to emergency services, and community and economic impacts.”

“The development of a strategic plan is being scoped out with urgency. Significant investigation, engagement, and consultation will be required before final decisions are made,” he said.


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