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  • Positive Ageing - Telephone Scams

    There are new telephone scams being tried every week. Don’t fall for them.

  • Mapping Seabed reaches halfway mark

    The survey of the Tōtaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound seabed has reached halfway.

  • Help available to install insulation and clean heating

    Evenings are getting chilly, reminding us how far the temperature can drop during a Marlborough winter.

  • Community News - Returned Services Association

    The Returned Services Association provides welfare support, fellowship and social activities for all ex servicemen and their families.

  • Enviroschools reaches 6000 students

    Council is doing its bit to help nurture the next generation of environmentally literate youngsters through Enviroschools.

  • Marlborough Police honoured

    Marlborough Mayor John Leggett presented awards at the local police medals ceremony this week.

  • Another brilliant Airshow

    Marlborough Mayor John Leggett says organisers at Yealands Classic Fighters Omaka Airshow did a phenomenal job in ensuring this year’s airshow was a success.

  • New Look for MDC Website

    We've restyled our website and online forms. Please be assured that the structure of the site hasn’t changed – the content is still in the same place – it just looks a little different.

  • Annual Plan – New Projects

    Two of the new ‘big ticket’ proposals in this year’s Annual Plan aim to deliver more efficiency and better service to ratepayers by making greater use of today’s digital technologies.

  • Be a Responsible Dog Owner

    Please let Animal Control know if there are any changes to where your dog is being kept, if your dog has a new owner, you have a new dog or if your dog passes away.

  • Community News - Marlborough Museum

    Marlborough Museum is open daily from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

  • Water Progress Across Marlborough

    Top marks to the Renwick community for getting through summer without the need for water restrictions!

  • Annual Plan Update - Have Your Say

    Have your say on Council’s 2017-18 Annual Plan.

  • The Snout Kanuka Mountain Bike Track Opens

    Snout Kanuka mountain bike track opens.

  • Improvements to Planning and Building Enquiry Service

    Marlborough District Council is trialling a new service which includes the completion of an enquiry form for planning and building enquiries.

  • Putting the Spotlight on Picton's Weather

    Kaikoura and Motueka make it onto the Met Service weather map so why not Picton?

  • Protect Marine Ecosystem

    More funding sought to protect marine ecosystem from unwelcome visitor.

  • Do you get Council's Kerbside Collection?

    This is the seventh year of kerbside recycling in Blenheim and Picton, so we’re reviewing the service to see if any improvements can be made.

  • Keeping the Finger on Issues affecting our 0lder Residents

    Advocacy organisation Grey Power Marlborough meets regularly with the Mayor to canvas issues of concern or interest to its membership.

  • Community News - St John Marlborough

    St John Marlborough provides a range of services.

  • Inspecting The Troops

    Mayor Leggett inspects the troops during the RNZAF Charter Parade last weekend.

  • ANZAC Day Services remember the fallen

    Memorial white crosses honouring Marlborough's fallen soldiers have again been erected next to Blenheim's cenotaph in preparation for Anzac Day.

  • Cawthron Environment Awards

    Marlborough District councillors were among the 220 guests at the Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards last week.

  • Run Your Tap Daily

    Do you start your day with a cup of tea or a glass of water?

  • Ageing Positively - Margaret Anderson

    Seasoned traveller and keen photographer Margaret Anderson also has a focus closer to home.

  • Be a Responsible Dog Owner

    Even the friendliest dog has the potential to bite.

  • Community News - Red Cross Marlborough

    Red Cross Marlborough provides a range of services including first aid courses.

  • Glass Recycling

    The Resource Recovery Centre is able to send glass away for recycling so long as it arrives colour-sorted at the Centre.

  • When there's a big wet in Marlborough

    Flooding is an ever-present risk in Marlborough and Council’s Rivers team keep a close eye on the state of our rivers.

  • Grovetown Lagoon Wetland Restoration

    Another milestone in the development of the Grovetown Lagoon wetland restoration project was celebrated at the lagoon recently.

  • Picton to Waikawa Marina Track Upgrades

    Progress is being made with the upgrade to the track running between the marinas in Picton and at Waikawa.

  • Mountain Bike the Snout

    Fabulous views over Picton and Queen Charlotte Sound and so close to the water that you can wave to passengers on the ferries.

  • Marlborough's Positive Economic Performance

    The latest economic snapshot of Marlborough shows the region has experienced quite strong growth over the past year.

  • Positive Ageing - Foot Care

    Looking after feet is a crucial part of nursing care, particularly for older patients who may be unable to care for their own feet. It can prevent mobility problems and social isolation.

  • Council’s Transfer Stations Accept Car Tyres for Recycling

    In the past, the dumping fee has been based on the size of the tyre but, with the new waste sorting facilities, dumping charges are based on weight.

  • Community News – Neighbours’ Day

    When did you last take a moment to chat over the fence to your neighbour?

  • Picton’s Flush With New Loos

    Pressure on Picton’s public toilet facilities should ease with the installation of new toilets on the Foreshore Reserve.

  • Rewards for Responsible Dog Owners

    Animal Control is rewarding responsible dog owners with treats for their pets in the next few weeks as they spread the message about pet ownership responsibilities.

  • Annual Plan - Developing Churchill Glade at Pollard Park

    Make your view of this proposal known to councillors by making a submission to the Annual Plan before Wednesday 10 May.

  • No Increase in Dog Registration Fee

    Council has decided to hold dog registration fees at their present level for another year.