New Look for MDC Website

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New Look for MDC Website

We've restyled our website and online forms. Please be assured that the structure of the site hasn’t changed – the content is still in the same place – it just looks a little different.

While our online forms also have a fresh, updated look, the way you use them remains the same. Your login details remain the same, and any forms you have saved in draft will still be there.

The changes we’ve made to our website and online forms mean we can integrate our forms and online payments more closely into the website, embedding them in our pages, and giving you the option to log in via the website header. You can also access other frequently used Council sites from every page in the site using the Other Sites option in the header.

Our section menus can be accessed using the menu button to the left of the Council logo in the header. Our main sections remain the same:

  • About Marlborough
  • Environment
  • Our Community
  • Recreation
  • Services
  • Your Council

A list linking to Council publications in different areas throughout the site can be found here:

Plans, Policies and Publications

Our Services list will give you a quick overview of key content

Services List

We’ve taken the opportunity to increase our text size and alphabetise our menus for ease of use, and improved how the site displays for those of you using tablets and and mobile devices.

We've put automatic redirect links in place for our most-used pages, but if you have any of our pages favourited, it would be a good idea to update your favourites links.

If you have any queries or can’t find something, let us know via the website feedback form below, or by giving us a call.

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