Council tenants prepared for emergencies

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Council tenants prepared for emergencies

(Left) Sue Brien, emergency delegate at Council’s Burden Street housing complex with Councillor Cynthia Brooks

Councillor Cynthia Brooks says all Council’s rental housing for the elderly have an emergency response plan and someone who takes the lead, so that all tenants are familiar with emergency procedures.

In the wake of the Kaikoura earthquake, the committee decided that civil defence training should be provided at each Council rental complex.

Catastrophic events can be distressing for elderly people, who may not be able to see well or move quickly. Knowing there are arrangements in place can be very reassuring.

Council ensures that its tenants have:

  • An earthquake checklist which tenants can use when practicing an earthquake drill
  • Advice about tsunami evacuation arrangements including for disabled people and those without vehicles
  • Information about how to respond to fires and flooding
  • Instructions if there are trespassers on the property or incidents of serious injury or death.“The Council takes a very responsible approach to its obligation to be a good landlord and that includes doing what we can to ensure our tenants are safe,” says Councillor Brooks, who chairs the Housing for Seniors committee.Communities with established Neighbourhood Support Networks are ready for emergency events. Civil Defence offers training and resource material for neighbourhood support groups. For more information, contact Gary Spence, Marlborough Civil Defence Emergency Management, phone 03 520 7490.