Pyrolysis plant would be considered by independent commissioner

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Pyrolysis plant would be considered by independent commissioner

A proposal that a pyrolysis plant be built on Council land at the Bluegums Landfill site off Taylor Pass Road would require resource consent and public submissions would first have to be considered.

Private sector business Waste Transformation Limited is expected to lodge an application for consent this month.

The proposal is for a pyrolysis plant, located at the Bluegums Landfill, that can process mixed timber (treated and untreated) and convert it into charcoal. Marlborough currently sends up to 8,000 tonnes of mixed timber to landfill for disposal each year.

An independent commissioner would oversee the consent process. Council would require peer review of the technical aspects of the application from independent experts.

In order to gain the necessary resource consent, the company would have to demonstrate that emissions and operations associated with the plant will not have an adverse effect on the surrounding environment or community.

Once lodged, the consent application will be available here

Further information on the Pyrolysis Plant site