Think ahead – control vegetation now

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Think ahead – control vegetation now

Do you own undeveloped property or wilderness areas with the potential to become a fire risk?

Each summer, Council gets calls from people concerned about neighbouring properties which pose a risk to them – usually because of the growth of highly flammable fuels such as gorse and long dry grass.

There are Council bylaws applying to fire ignition hazards - like stored hay, live ashes, combustible materials in storage and gorse or other growth which could pose a risk to neighbouring property owners.

But too often, where neighbours’ concerns are about vegetation, matters are not brought to the Council’s attention until the fuels are so dry that it is too dangerous to cut or mow them. Sparks from mowers hitting metal objects, wire and stones are a regular ignition source of fires in the heat of Marlborough’s summer.

The vegetation hazard can be safely managed only when the fuel is green or sufficiently damp to cut.

Property owners are reminded that now – and in the next month or two - is the best time of the year to safely mow or cut fuel which will become a hazard when summer arrives.

  • If you’re concerned about vegetation adjacent to your property contact Council Ph: 03 520 7400.