Positive Ageing – Volunteering

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Positive Ageing – Volunteering

Maintaining a sense of usefulness is important once you retire from the paid workforce. Have you ever thought about volunteering?

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to our community and there are many different ways you may be able to help - through an organisation, a service or at individual level.

It doesn’t matter how much time or energy you have to offer – there are many tasks and roles which depend upon volunteers. Volunteers say they get great satisfaction from continuing to contribute and it’s a good way to stay in touch with others.

Volunteers provide support in many areas from social and health services, sports and leisure clubs, heritage and arts, environmental protection and advocacy, emergency relief and stronger neighbourhoods. In fact, the work of volunteers holds the key to building a resilient community.

• Could you help mow the lawns at the Blenheim Community Gardens?

• Assist DOC as a hut warden or host at Sounds camping grounds over summer?

• Help at a local craft session or support the Picton Museum?

Find out more at Volunteer Marlborough