Hearings begin on Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

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Hearings begin on Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

Hearings will be underway soon considering the submissions on the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan, bringing together all resource management documents into a single plan to guide the future development of the region.

Hearings panel chairman Councillor Trevor Hook says the Plan review is a massive task which has run over three council terms and will direct the future of the district for years to come.

More than 1,300 submissions have been received and the hearings panel will have to consider more than 17,000 individual submission points.

The first week of hearings, from Monday 20 November, will be held at Omaka Marae and cover the provisions relating directly to iwi.

From Monday 27 November, public hearings will be held in the Council Chambers, focusing on the provisions relating to Marlborough’s natural and physical resources.

The hearings panel will continue its work from February next year, with hearings expected to continue until mid-year.

Hearings are open to the public.

More details on the hearings