Road safety during vintage

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Road safety during vintage

Photo courtesy of Vintage Harvesters Ltd

The annual grape harvest will be underway soon and that means a big increase in the number of trucks and slow-moving harvesters on our roads.

Please be patient.

Expect to get caught up in a procession of tractors and harvesters at some point.

Please take a relaxed approach if you become part of a viticultural procession - the worst that’s likely to happen is that your trip may take an extra minute or two.

Tractor and machinery drivers will be courteous and let motorists pass when they can.

Remember, trucks can’t stop as quickly as a car.

If a grape-laden truck has to make an emergency stop, the grapes don’t stop moving - an unnecessary grape spill is likely to be the result. Grapes make for a slippery road surface which is a serious hazard and the cost of a clean-up can run into hundreds of dollars.

During Marlborough’s busy vintage everyone can help keep our roads safe:

  • Expect to meet tractors and harvesters on rural roads
  • Be patient when in a queue
  • Expect to meet lots more trucks on the road
  • Give these trucks lots of space to manoeuvre
  • Report any grape spills to Marlborough Roads
  • And, truckies, please take extra care to drive slowly and carefully at corners and intersections.

Marlborough Roads, phone 03 520 8330 (24 hours service).