Positive Ageing – essential foot care

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Positive Ageing – essential foot care

Foot care can prevent mobility problems and social isolation; it is a crucial part of nursing care, particularly for older patients, who may be unable to care for their own feet.

Even minor foot issues left unattended can lead to more serious problems. For example, dryness that is associated with reduced blood flow may cause the skin to split resulting in painful fissures then poor circulation may lead to a higher risk of infection where skin is broken.

Older people may have difficulty cutting their own toenails because they find it hard to reach their toenails or they have poor eyesight. Some find nail clippers difficult to use, especially as toenails can thicken with age.

Keep feet in good condition:

• Ideally, feet should be washed every day; dry them well, especially between the toes

• Socks or stockings should be changed daily

• Apply moisturising cream daily to help protect the skin - avoiding the area between the toes which can split

• Cut straight across toenails (do not cut nails too short or cut down the sides)

• Check footwear for comfort, safety and stability.

Podiatry services, including home calls, are available in Marlborough. Check yellow pages, the internet, your GP or Aged Concern/Grey Power.