Pest Plan progress



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Pest Plan progress

The Regional Pest Management Plan Hearings Panel has been busy over the past few weeks, hearing from 17 submitters out of the total 33 submissions received on the Plan.

The Hearings Panel, made up of Councillor Cynthia Brooks, Councillor Nadine Taylor and Mr Ross Beech has the task of deliberating and seeking further information, before settling on their recommendations.

Councillor Brooks said many of the submitters spoke to complex matters that will help shape the final Plan, which sets out the objectives for the next decade for specific pest programmes in Marlborough.

It’s proposed to continue the important work of dealing with nassella tussock, boneseed and moth plant, but also turn attention to less familiar harmful organisms which have the potential to become major problems if ignored.

The recommendations will be tabled through the Council’s Environment Committee and ratified by full Council, where the final decision is made.

All submitters will be kept up to date with progress, which is also available on the Council website:

Regional pest Management Strategy Review