Positive Ageing - Be seen to stay safe



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Positive Ageing - Be seen to stay safe

Keeping active, even if that’s just a daily walk down your street, is important for good health.

But statistics show that at least half a dozen pedestrians are injured on local streets each year.

With age, reactions tend to slow so, when out walking, it’s important to be aware if you have any limitations to sight, hearing and general alertness.

  • Make sure you can be seen at all times. In daytime it can help to wear bright or light coloured clothing. If you are walking in poor light or darkness, carry a torch or use reflector tape on your jacket;
  • Legally, you must use a pedestrian crossing if you are within 20 metres of it. Remember that the courtesy crossings in town are just that; reliant on the courtesy of a driver to stop, not an entitlement to step out onto the road. Never assume that a driver has seen you; try to make eye contact before you step out;
  • Don’t step out into the road from between parked cars and be wary of people reversing out of driveways;
  • Wait for others (or ask someone to accompany you) when crossing the road if you lack confidence or walk very slowly.

Mobility scooter riders must observe the rules for pedestrians too. Adjust your scooter speed to a walking pace for maximum safety.