Wither Hills reservoir progress

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Wither Hills reservoir progress

The view from inside the Wither Hills reservoir

If you’re a regular Wither Hills Farm Park user you may have seen work underway to revamp the old reservoir.

Work to seismically strengthen and upgrade the 1970s building, located south of Weld Street, began in March.

Project Engineer Mark Power says the revamp includes remediation of external walls, internal concrete surfaces, the floor slab and reservoir roof. The structure will also be resealed and the pipework will be replaced as part of the project.

“We’re preparing the external walls of the reservoir so a new roof topping can be poured. This will add approximately 20 tonnes of weight to the structure and will ensure rain water cannot make its way into the tank, contaminating the water inside.

“A lot of this work has to be done by hand and is time-consuming, but we are working as quickly as we can,” Mark said.

When finished, the 36m diameter reservoir, which can store up to 5,600 cubic metres of water, will be fit for purpose for another 50 years.