Taylor River tree planting

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Taylor River tree planting

Councillor Jamie Arbuckle and Marlborough Landscape Group member Jan Johns at the Taylor River tree planting.

The recent planting day held alongside the Taylor River was a successful event, despite heavy rain early in the day.

Councillor Jamie Arbuckle attended the planting, along with about 20 others from the Marlborough community, as trees were planted alongside the river in the latest stage of the Ralph Ballinger Arboretum.

The arboretum celebrates trees of the world, and was a vision by noted Marlborough horticulturalist, the late Ralph Ballinger.

Councillor Arbuckle says that vision of the trees of the world is nearly complete now.

The planting crew was fewer than usual because it was a really wet day, and normally there would be about 100 people there. But the planting went well, and it is great to have such good community support, he says.

“We got all the trees in the ground, and it worked out well.”

The arboretum is a showcase for Blenheim, and can be seen as people travel over the High Street Bridge, Councillor Arbuckle says.

Council Reserves Officer Robin Dunn says there is likely to be another planting event next year.