Positive Ageing – Steps to avoid a fall

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Positive Ageing – Steps to avoid a fall

Falls can cause serious injury for older people and they may also be a sign of an underlying health condition. The risk of falling rises steeply with age as balance and vision deteriorates, muscles weaken and blood pressure drops.

Older people who are not active or who take a lot of medication are also at risk.

It’s important to always tell your GP if you fall; a health assessment may reveal an emerging medical condition or it may show medication needs changing, glasses need adjusting, or a bit more exercise is needed.

You can cut down the risk of falling in your own home by making a few simple changes. For example:

  • use non-slip mats and install handrails in the bathroom
  • use night lights if you need to get up at night
  • remove or fix floor rugs so they don’t slide or bunch up
  • sit down to get dressed and put your shoes on.