Jet ski users urged to keep speed down

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Jet ski users urged to keep speed down

Half the recreational vessels on New Zealand waters are power boats, a third are kayaks and just five per cent are jet skis.

But Marlborough Harbourmaster Luke Grogan says the way jet skis are being used by some people is becoming a safety concern.

“Jet skis are becoming more popular because they cost less than a boat and are a lot of fun. While many people do operate them safely, we are getting more calls from people concerned about them being ridden at high speeds too close to the shore and other vessels,” he says.

Jet skis, like every other recreational vessel, are required to observe a speed limit of five knots when:

  • Within 200 m of the shore or any structure
  • Within 50 m of another vessel, raft or person in the water
  • Within 200 m of any vessel or raft flying the International Code Flag "A" (diver's flag).