Alignment of PMRMP with NES for Plantation Forestry


Walking tracks closed to high fire danger

The hot, dry summer has forced the closure of upper tracks in Victoria Domain, and Wither Hills Farm Park.

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Alignment of PMRMP with NES for Plantation Forestry

The National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES) came into force on 1 May 2018. It contains regulations that apply to particular activities related to plantation forestry.

The Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan (MEP) contains rules that regulate commercial forestry activity. Section 44A of the Resource Management Act 1991 requires the Council to align these rules with the regulations of the NES. In particular, the Council is required to remove rules that duplicate or conflict with regulations in the NES.

Regulation 6 of the NES, however, allows rules in a plan to be more stringent than the regulations in the NES in specific circumstances. Relevant information on the NES is available on the Ministry for Primary Industries website.

Further details on the alignment of the regulations with the MEP, and where Council has exercised stringency, are available on the this website.

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