Katipo recovery focus for Conservation Week

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Katipo recovery focus for Conservation Week

Saturday 14 September marks the beginning of Conservation Week. Now in its 50th year, this week is national celebration that encourages people to get involved in nature and help take care of it.

Council is involved in a number of Marlborough conservation projects including one that involves the protection of a small, native critter - the Katipo spider, which is rare and threatened with extinction.

Katipo spiders live in sand dunes along the East Coast around Marfells Beach and their population here is of national significance. Studies carried out by Year 10 Marlborough Girls’ College student Eve Anderson, with help from her father Mark and the Council have revealed that the small spiders thrive in areas where there are native sand species, especially Spinifex grass and Pingao.

Council’s Biodiversity Coordinator Mike Aviss says as part of a coastal restoration project, up to 5,000 Spinifex and Pingao plants will be planted along the East Coast this Spring to help restore native species to the area.

“We are working with the East Coast Protection Group and landowners from Marfells Beach to the Waima/Ure River as part of this exciting project,” Mike said.