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Sign up for ShakeOut

Practice makes perfect, so now is a good time to enrol in this year’s ShakeOut, which is held all over the world to remind people about the right thing to do in an earthquake.

Catherine Coates, Group Welfare Manager for Marlborough Civil Defence and Emergency Management says a number of Marlborough organisations have already signed up.

“This year’s event is at 1.30 pm on 17 October, and is a good opportunity for your business, organisation or family to think about what you would do in an earthquake.

“You get to practice ‘drop, cover, hold’ and think about where you would go if there is a risk of a tsunami.”

ShakeOut is also a reminder to be prepared for an emergency. Get together with the people who are important to you and make an emergency plan; check your emergency supplies and talk with others about how you could help each other.

To sign up and to get all the resources you need to to Shakeout