Tuia 250 is coming - Download the app today

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Tuia 250 is coming - Download the app today

With the Tuia 250 commemorations just a month away, now’s the time to download the Tuia Mātauranga app so you’re all set to go when you visit the Tuia 250 roadshow truck on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November in Waitohi/Picton.

The app explores the dual heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand through educational augmented reality (AR) activities and a waka hourua virtual reality (VR) experience from the journey navigated by Pacific voyagers. It also presents the challenges and highlights of the meeting of cultures to the present day.

The history of Aotearoa New Zealand has many perspectives, some lesser known than others.

Sharing knowledge and hearing different perspectives gives us an opportunity to learn more about our history including the nation’s identity, language and culture, all of which help shape the future.

The Tuia Mātauranga Roadshow hopes to encourage children and young people to take a leading role in their communities, learning about the past to shape the future they want to live in.

The app also accompanies the Tuia Mātauranga booklet available online

You can download the Tuia Mātauranga app from Google Play or the Apple app store.