Emergency heads-up for visitors

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Emergency heads-up for visitors

We are great hosts here in Marlborough. With the summer season upon us, it’s important that accommodation and hospitality providers think about being prepared for an emergency. Visitors may not be aware of the hazards that we face. In other countries, hazards and emergency management can be very different. Planning for an emergency helps keep you and your staff safe, and it informs your guests about the hazards they could face while they’re here.

Think about:

  • Drop, cover and hold information about earthquakes
  • Tsunami information, particularly for people providing accommodation in the Sounds
  • A business continuity plan
  • Make your own emergency plan - if you’re prepared for an emergency, you’ll be better able to help your guests and staff
  • Encourage your staff to think about their emergency plan.

For further information:

Visit the Civil Defence Emergency Management section of this website

or contact Catherine Coates:

Welfare Manager
Civil Defence Emergency Management
Ph: 0275 731 996