Fire danger at Wither Hills Farm Park

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Fire danger at Wither Hills Farm Park

With the fire danger slowly climbing in our hill country, Fire and Emergency New Zealand has put up signage at the Wither Hills Farm Park entrances to inform park users of the best time of the day to safely enjoy their walk, run or bike.

Principal Rural Fire Officer John Foley says that although the park is at the lower end of the elevated fire danger thanks to cooler weather, a hot and windy day can quickly push the fire indices up into the high risk category. On hot summer days, farm park users are advised not to head to the tops of the hills.

“Given the mixture of dry fuels, elevated fire danger and slope, if a fire does start it will have potential to spread quickly, placing park users at risk,” Mr Foley says.

So when you’re heading up with Wither Hills make sure you heed the information on “The Burning Day” signs.