B-I-N-G-O Marlborough style

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B-I-N-G-O Marlborough style

Bingo Bonanza

Marlborough’s support local campaign has entered a new phase that may have cries of "bingo!" echoing throughout the region.

“The Great Marlborough's Bingo Bonanza has taken off, and we’re seeing locals playing the online game across the region,” said Destination Manager’s General Manager Jacqui Lloyd. “It turns exploring what Marlborough has to offer into a fun new game accessed via your mobile phone.”

Make it Marlborough picked up the initiative to put a local spin on a national promotion, The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza, designed to encourage New Zealanders to travel the country.

To play, you simply download ‘The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza’ app on the App Store or Google Play, register, then search ‘Marlborough’ to find the two @Make it Marlborough BINGO cards.

There are 25 Marlborough activities to complete on each - some are free, others are with local businesses. Completing five cards in a row will reward players with a prize of a local experience or activity.

“We’ve set tasks for locals to head out in their own backyard and support and experience local and win with Bingo Bonanza. We’d love people to tag Make it Marlborough in their posts so we can share the fantastic activities on offer,” said Jacqui.

Make it Marlborough is a support local marketing campaign funded through TEAM (The Economic Action Marlborough) Group.