Time to tidy Autumn leaves

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Time to tidy Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Autumn is here and the sweeping of kerbs, channels and roads is underway to remove falling leaves.

Sweeping footpaths is not part of the regular maintenance work of Marlborough Roads unless there is a safety risk caused by debris. So if you have some time and a broom, please help us in keeping the footpath clear outside your home.

Street flooding can be prevented by the simple neighbourly act of removing rubbish or leaves from roadside drains. You can help by checking your drains when heavy rain is forecast. If you’re in a low-lying or flood-prone area, clearing away rubbish or leaves may avert flooding. Removing debris also allows any water build-up to drain away quickly, helping everything to dry out much faster.

If you see any blockages in roadside drains or need a hand to clear a drain or footpath, please phone the Council on 03 520 7400.