Getting the best from your woodburner


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Getting the best from your woodburner

With shorter days and longer nights upon us many Marlburians are turning to their woodburners to keep them cosy over the winter months.

But are you getting the best from your woodburner? Make sure you follow these five steps to help your burner keep your home warm and comfortable.

  1. Ensure the wood you are burning is really dry. Wet wood results in the burner drying out the wood instead of releasing heat into your home
  2. Get your flue professionally cleaned and burner checked. A burner with worn or faulty parts and a flue that is filled up with last year’s residues won’t work efficiently and could be a fire hazard
  3. Use lots of paper and small dry kindling or pine cones to start your fire
  4. Let the fire take hold before you add more, and larger, pieces of wood
  5. After 15 minutes pop outside and check your chimney - if you are burning right the fire will be burning hot with minimal smoke visible

If your burner is getting on in years, it probably isn’t working efficiently, and you will be burning more wood to generate the same heat. Burners that are 15 years or older should be replaced and those installed before September 2005 are no longer permitted in the Blenheim airshed.

For more information check out the Council’s Burn Right Fact sheet at: