Calculating the cost of waste


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Calculating the cost of waste

Marlburians might be surprised at the amount of money they spend each year on recycling and waste disposal.

Finding out just how much they do pay is the aim of the Council’s waste calculator.

The Council’s current Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2021-27 (WMMP) sets out the strategy for dealing with the region’s waste over the next six years and one of the initiatives is the creation of a waste calculator. This is now live on the Council’s website.
Go to waste calculator on Council's website

Solid Waste Manager, Alec McNeil, said the calculator works out costs associated with fees paid, time involved and distance travelled in relation to people’s recycling and refuse.

“Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be sent the results of the calculation by email. The results are based on how you answered the questions,” he said. “We encourage everyone to use the waste calculator. The more inputs we receive, the more reliable the data will be.”

You will need a few pieces of information before you start filling out the waste calculator form:

  • Return distance to your nearest recycling/refuse point per trip
  • How often do you make these trips per month?
  • How long do these return trips take in total per month?
  • How many extra council bags do you buy (if any)?

Individual response details will not be made public.