Annual issue of kerbside refuse bags


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Annual issue of kerbside refuse bags

The new bag (left) has a more matte finish and feels slightly different to the previous version

If you’ve recently collected your new refuse bags you might have noticed a slight difference.

This is because Council’s refuse bag supplier has changed this year. While the bags are the same specification and standard as previous years, they are made from a percentage of recycled soft plastics. The bags therefore feel slightly different to the previous version and have a more matte finish to their appearance.

There has been some feedback that the rolls only contain 50 bags instead of 52. Council has batch sampled the rolls and found that they do contain 52 bags as expected. However, Council did note that the last two or three bags are very tightly wound giving the impression of only being a single bag. If you have any issues with the bag count please return your roll to Council for exchange.

Residents in Picton and Blenheim receive a voucher for 52 refuse bags each year. Vouchers can be surrendered at participating outlets as normal. Residents receiving the kerbside service pay for this via a targeted rate.