Trees axed at A and P park


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Trees axed at A and P park

The four poplar trees at A and P Park

A and P Park is set to lose some of its older trees.

At a recent Assets and Services Committee meeting, Parks and Open Spaces Officer, Robert Hutchinson said five cedars, by the horse yards on the southern boundary, and four poplars further inside the park would go.

“An arborist’s report showed the poplars had severe rot. They need to be removed due to safety concerns,” Mr Hutchinson said.

Two of the 60 year old cedars, which grow by the horse yards on the Alabama Road side of the park, had advanced dieback and were unlikely to recover, the report said.

Mr Hutchinson said the entire group shaded nearby properties in winter and posed a risk to the public due to falling branches.

“The removal of the trees was a loss to the Blenheim tree canopy but gave the opportunity for further plantings,” he said.

In answer to questions from Councillors, Parks and Open Spaces Manger, Jane Tito, said Council would be taking a ‘helicopter’ view of A and P Park as part of the feasibility study (master plan) undertaken for the new pavillion.

“Further plantings were likely, including the possibility of an avenue of trees, with tree species better suited to the environment than the existing.”

“We have a plan we are working towards and will be looking at more appropriate plantings,” she said.

Public consultation regarding the removal of the cedars was carried out with seven responses received, five seeking removal and two wanting the trees to be retained.