A live eye on the Sounds


August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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A live eye on the Sounds

One of the cameras installed in the Marlborough Sounds

If you are heading out into the Marlborough Sounds, you can now visually check conditions before you go.

Council’s Cruise Guide website now provides live camera footage from two points - Dieffenbach Point in Queen Charlotte/Tōtaranui, and East Head at the entrance to Tory Channel.

Harbourmaster Captain Jake Oliver said the new replacement cameras are a valuable tool for anyone venturing out into the Sounds as they provide live photographs of conditions at those locations.

While boaties are always encouraged to check weather before leaving home, the cameras provide another option.

“It’s high quality footage shows the wind speed and temperature and allows people to physically see the conditions,” Captain Oliver said.

Both cameras have two angles. The one at Dieffenbach shows views down the Queen Charlotte/Tōtaranui to the Northern Entrance as well as down Tory Channel to the east.

The East Head camera shows one view of the Tory Channel entrance looking out into Cook Strait and another down Tory Channel towards Picton.

A new camera has also been added at Kurakura Point but the technical aspect is still being worked on. Footage will be available soon.

The Cruise Guide App is also being updated with the live footage, and it will be available on this platform shortly.

The Cruise Guide is an interactive tool that provides local knowledge about the Marlborough Sounds. It features offline maps and detailed nautical charts that allow you to browse the moorings and safe anchorages while out on the water, with guidance on safe boating and up-to-date tide forecasts.

The live camera footage can be viewed on the Cruise Guide website

See what conditions are like in Tory Channel before you venture out