Restricted Fire Season starts today

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Restricted Fire Season starts today

Restricted Fire Season will apply from 8.00 am, Thursday 7 December 2017.

A Restricted Fire Season is in place for the urban areas of Blenheim, Renwick, Seddon and Ward until further notice. That means a fire permit is required to light a fire in the open air.

The only exceptions are for an approved incinerator or barbeque (gas-fired barbecues, approved incinerators with a chimney and spark arrestor, pizza ovens or any unit that has a fully enclosed firebox, and braziers or barbecues with a tray to catch falling embers).

Permits can be obtained from the Council; phone 520 7400, or by applying online.

Apply for a Permit

Any permit issued during a Restricted Fire Season is suspended should Council declare a Prohibited Fire Season at any time.

Please note that the clean air rules mean that fires are not permitted in the urban Blenheim area inside the Blenheim Airshed – that covers most of the town’s residential area.

Fire permits will not be issued for any area within the Blenheim Airshed as open air fires are not permitted there at any time, regardless of the surrounding fire season status. That includes braziers. However, fires for cooking are allowed so long as the cooking is not on a commercial scale. Gas and charcoal BBQs are allowed.

To identify urban/rural and airshed boundaries and fire season status, see Smart Maps

Phone the Council for more information: 03 520 7400.