Proposed Road Stopping - Turnbull Drive

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Proposed Road Stopping - Turnbull Drive

In exercise of the power contained in section 342(1)(a) of the Local Government Act 1974, and in accordance with the Tenth Schedule of that Act, public notice is hereby given that the Marlborough District Council proposes to stop a portion of legal road containing 0.0336 ha adjoining Lot 44 DP 389546 and Lot 617 DP 503622 and shown as Section 1 on plan SO 525658.

The portion of road is unformed, has never been used as road, there is seen to be no future need for it as road, and the land subject to the road stopping could incur ongoing maintenance costs if retained in Council ownership.

Should the road stopping be completed, the land will be transferred to Blenheim Education Trust Inc. title.

Further details of the proposed road stopping, including the plan of survey showing the portion of road to be stopped, can be viewed at the Marlborough District Council, 15 Seymour Street, Blenheim.

Anyone wishing to object to the proposed stopping can submit a written objection no later than Tuesday, 19 February 2019. Submissions should be addressed to Nicole Chauval, Committee Secretary, Marlborough District Council, PO Box 443, Blenheim 7240 or email