Publicly Notified Resource Consent U200104

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Publicly Notified Resource Consent U200104

Resource Management Act 1991

Public Notification of Application for Resource Consent

Marlborough District Council has received the application(s) for resource consent detailed in the Schedule below. Each application includes an assessment of environmental effects.


Applicant Name:

Calmar Cherries Limited

Reference Number:



To take Wairau Aquifer FMU water from well P28w/1179 up to a maximum rate of 14,819 cubic metres per year.

To use water for the irrigation of up to 7 hectares of vineyard located on Lot 1 DP 11902.

To use water for ancillary uses on Lot 1 DP 11902.


64 Alma Street North, Renwick

Applicant Address for Service:

S Wilkes, WilkesRM Ltd, 76 High Street, Blenheim 7201

Notification Package (4 kb)

Either complete the online submission form below or print and complete and return the downloadable submission form:

Downloadable submission form (132 Kb)

Submissions close on: Tuesday 17th March

The application(s) may be inspected at the Marlborough District Council Offices, Seymour Square, Blenheim and High Street, Picton or at the Blenheim and Picton Libraries during normal office hours. You should contact the Council if you have any queries about the application. Any person may make a submission on an application.

Submissions must be in writing and in the form specified at Form 13, Resource Management Regulations.

Copies of this form are available from Council Offices and Council’s website.

You must serve a copy of any submission on the applicant at the address for service stated in the Schedule as soon as reasonably practicable after serving your submission on the Marlborough District Council.