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August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Social Media

Social Media

Visitors to Marlborough District Council’s website can opt to share pages via social media or email using the share links on each page.


Marlborough District Council has an active Facebook page where we post Council news stories, media statements and events.

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If you follow @MarlDistCouncil, you can expect tweets from Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays), during business hours, covering Council news and information. The frequency of tweets will vary depending on the type of information we are sharing.

Marlborough Emergency Management Twitter account

@MarlEmergency is the official source of Marlborough emergency event information on Twitter. Tweets will often link through to further emergency event information, such as media statements and public notices, on the Marlborough District Council website. Unless there is an event, this account will be monitored during business hours only and tweets will be on general emergency preparedness topics.

Did you know you don’t need a smartphone to follow us on Twitter?

You can choose to receive our tweets as texts on your cellphone, whether or not you have a Twitter account yourself, if you have a Vodafone, 2degrees or Telecom NZ cellphone.

If you don’t have a Twitter account

You can "Fast Follow" Twitter accounts by text, whether or not you have a Twitter account yourself.

For example, to receive text messages of Marlborough District Council's tweets without signing up for a twitter account, text: Follow MarlDistCouncil to 8987. Your usual text rates will apply.

You should receive a confirmation text from Twitter letting you know you are now following us. Reply with the words set discover off. This notifies Twitter that you only want to receive updates from the account you've chosen to follow. Now you will receive a text update each time we tweet.

Texting: Unfollow MarlDistCouncil 8987 will stop you receiving updates.

The texts we send you via Twitter are free to receive, unless you are roaming, when your usual roaming cellular rates will apply.

More information: Twitter Help Centre topic: Fast Follow – how to get updates on your cellphone without a Twitter account.

If you already have a Twitter account

If you are already a Twitter user and wish to receive text updates, you can add your cellphone number to your Twitter account and then choose to receive text updates.

Comments on Social Media posts

While social media channels are a good tool for gathering informal feedback, please note that social media comments do not constitute a formal submission on a Marlborough District Council consultation. Any Facebook or Twitter posts on consultations will link followers through to more information on that consultation, including how to make a formal submission.

See current Council consultations

We welcome feedback and ideas from followers, and will join conversations, or refer comments, replies or direct messages to the relevant staff member or department for off-line follow-up where appropriate.