2022-23 Annual Plan


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2022-23 Annual Plan

2022-23 Annual Plan Final Document

2022-23 Annual Plan

Council adopted the 2022-23 Annual Plan on 30 June 2022.

Part 1: Executive Summary (pages 1-12) contains:

  • Mayor’s message
  • Elected Council members
  • Results of consultation
  • Financial overview
  • Annual Plan disclosure statement for the period commencing 1 July 2022

Part 2: Our Business (pages 13-102) contains:

  • Activity Groups and Activities
  • Activity Group: People
  • Activity Group: Community Facilities
  • Activity Group: The Provision of Road and Footpaths
  • Activity Group: Flood Protection and Control Works
  • Activity Group:Sewerage Including Treatment and Disposal
  • Activity Group: Stormwater Drainage
  • Activity Group: Water Supply
  • Activity Group: Solid Waste Management
  • Activity Group: Environmental Management
  • Activity Group: Regulatory
  • Activity Group: Regional Development

Part 3: Financial Information (pages 103-124) contains:

  • Statement of comprehensive revenue and expense
  • Statement of other comprehensive revenue and expense
  • Statement of changes in net assets/equity
  • Statement of financial position
  • Statement of cashflows
  • Notes to financial statements
  • Statement of accounting policies
  • Assumptions, disclosure and compliance
  • Financial funding impact statement (FIS)

Part 4: Rates Information (pages 123-164) contains:

  • Rates funding impact statement
  • Rates movements 2022-23
  • Indicative impact on benchmark properties

Appendices (pages 165-177) contains:

  • Council committees and members
  • Ward boundaries
  • Council staff structure
  • MDC directory
  • Glossary of terms

Rate Funding Allocations

The rate funding allocations summary page contains documents illustrating General-type Rates, General-type Charges, Targeted Rates and Charges and Services Charges sources for the various activities/services provided by Council each year.

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