Marlborough Smart and Connected

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Marlborough Smart and Connected

Marlborough Smart and Connected logo.

Marlborough Smart and Connected is an economic development strategy that implements the vision developed by Marlborough District Council in partnership with the community. The vision:

Over the next decade, Marlborough will become a globally-connected district of progressive, high-value enterprise, known for our economic efficiency, quality lifestyle, desirable location and natural environment. Marlborough will be ‘smart and connected’.

It provides guidance on actions to ensure that we are:

  • Smart: Think strategically – becoming more efficient, creating new solutions, and leveraging those solutions to create new opportunities
  • Connected: Don’t do it alone, get informed, get supported locally, nationally and internationally


The implementation of the Smart and Connected strategy is two-fold. It focuses on both an industry workstream and a community workstream. The industry groups currently underway:

There are three community groups underway: