Marlborough Smart and Connected


Walking tracks closed to high fire danger

The hot, dry summer has forced the closure of upper tracks in Victoria Domain, and Wither Hills Farm Park.

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Marlborough Smart and Connected

Marlborough Smart and Connected logo.

Marlborough Smart and Connected is a breakthrough economic and community development approach, designed to lead the Marlborough region into the future. The Smart and Connected approach is designed to implement the vision developed by Marlborough District Council in partnership with the community. This vision is that:

Marlborough is a globally-connected district of smart, progressive, high-value enterprise, known for our economic efficiency, quality lifestyle and well-being, caring community, desirable location and healthy natural environment.

The approach is intended to provide guidance on actions to ensure that we are:

  • Smart: That we think strategically – becoming more efficient, creating new solutions, and leveraging those solutions to create new opportunities; and
  • Connected: That we act collaboratively – staying informed, and supporting each other locally, nationally and internationally


The implementation of the Smart and Connected approach is two-fold. It focuses on both an Industry workstream and a Community workstream. The industry groups currently in operation are:

There are four community groups underway:

  • Havelock
  • Picton
  • Renwick
  • Seddon
  • Aquaculture

    The aquaculture sector is identified as a significant economic driver within the Marlborough business community, and indeed across the top of south.

  • Blenheim Central Business District

    Under the Smart and Connected Visitor Economy Industry Group and its Adaptive Action Plan, the Blenheim Business Association was formed in early 2015.

  • Community Group Havelock

    Havelock, the township at the base of Pelorus Sound, was the first community to form a Smart and Connected community group.

  • Community Group Picton

    Picton's Smart and Connected group was established in December 2014.

  • Community Group Renwick

    A Smart & Connected community group was set up in Renwick in March 2015.

  • Destination Marketing Review

    ​This report has been commissioned by MDC to review how destination marketing is delivered by all stakeholders within the Marlborough region.

  • Innovation Stocktake

    A key aspect of the Marlborough Smart and Connected vision is the importance of supporting innovation in our economy.

  • Marlborough Smart and Connected Celebrations 2016

    In March 2016, an event was held to celebrate the progress and achievements of the six Smart and Connected groups that were operational at that time.

  • Visitor Economy

    The Visitor Economy industry discussions got underway in July 2014.

  • Wood Sector

    The wood sector was identified early on as presenting significant economic development potential.