Marlborough Smart+Connected

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Marlborough Smart+Connected

Marlborough Smart and Connected logo.

Marlborough Smart+Connected is an innovative economic and community development approach, designed to lead the Marlborough region into the future. The Smart+Connected approach is designed to implement the vision developed by Marlborough District Council in partnership with the community. This vision is that:

Marlborough is a globally-connected district of smart, progressive, high-value enterprise, known for our economic efficiency, quality lifestyle and well-being, caring community, desirable location and healthy natural environment.

The approach is intended to provide guidance on actions to ensure that we are:

  • Smart: That we think strategically – becoming more efficient, creating new solutions, and leveraging those solutions to create new opportunities;
  • Connected: That we act collaboratively – staying informed, and supporting each other locally, nationally and internationally


The implementation of the Smart+Connected approach is two-fold. It focuses on both an Industry workstream and a Community workstream. The industry groups currently in operation are:

There are four community groups underway:

View more information about Smart + Connected here:

In October 2019, Economic Development New Zealand (EDNZ) held its Annual Conference in Marlborough. At the Annual Awards dinner held at the Omaka Aviation heritage Centre, the Marlborough Smart+Connected programme received the Award for 'Best Practice in Inclusive Growth', as well as the 'Premier Best Practice Award' for 2019.

These Awards are a testament to the efforts of close to 250 volunteers drawn from across Marlborough’s industries and communities, who have been involved in the Smart+Connected programme since its inception.