About Smart+Connected


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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About Smart+Connected

Marlborough Smart+Connected is an innovative economic and community development approach, designed to lead the Marlborough region into the future. The Smart+Connected approach is designed to implement the vision developed by Marlborough District Council in partnership with the community. This vision is that:

Marlborough is a globally-connected district of smart, progressive, high-value enterprise, known for our economic efficiency, quality lifestyle and well-being, caring community, desirable location and healthy natural environment.

The approach is intended to provide guidance on actions to ensure that we are:

  • Smart: That we think strategically – becoming more efficient, creating new solutions, and leveraging those solutions to create new opportunities;
  • Connected: That we act collaboratively – staying informed, and supporting each other locally, nationally and internationally

Vision ('What')

Empowering our industries and communities to strategically think, plan and take action

Mission ('How')

To build relationships between industries and communities and the council to enable more effective partnerships

Purpose ('Why')

To provide leadership, co-ordination and support to industries and communities to enable the best results for Marlborough


  • Facilitating connections in, around and beyond Marlborough
  • Influencing the way the Council works with industries and communities
  • Harnessing strengths of key people to work together with a common purpose
  • Promoting a partnership between communities and the council
  • Smart + Connected groups are recognised for their input and achievements