Community Group - Renwick

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Community Group - Renwick

Renwick Smart & Connected Community Group

A Smart & Connected community group was set up in Renwick in March 2015, after two well-attended public meetings showed there was a strong desire for such a group in the township.

As a group, Renwick Smart & Connected is looking at the best ways to promote the district, based around the village’s location in the heart of Marlborough’s wine country.

The group’s steering group members are:

  • Chairman John Kelly
  • Deputy Chairwoman Belinda Jackson
  • Deputy Chairman Nigel Taylor
  • Ian Bird
  • Phillip de Bruyn
  • Liz Dillon
  • Steve Hill
  • Adrianna Ingpen
  • Joe Keighley
  • Robyn Lyall
  • Anna Valk and
  • Councillor Cynthia Brooks

The steering group has endorsed a vision for Renwick that makes the most of its location and the strength of its community for young families, building on the strength of the local primary school, Renwick School.


Renwick, heart of New Zealand's wine country

  • Sitting in the heart of New Zealand's wine country, Renwick's reputation in the district derives from its core strengths of being a friendly, inclusive and connected community.
  • Young families from across the region are drawn to Renwick because of what's on offer: its great schooling, the open celebration of cultural and environmental heritage, and the abundance of superb recreational and environmental opportunities.
  • As well as servicing the local economy and a healthy visitor industry; Renwick's local businesses provide a superb visitor experience and re-invest generously into the community.

As part of that vision, four strategic priorities were adopted.

Strategic Priorities: Renwick

Unity and Leadership

Ensure strong leadership into the future for the Renwick community


Present Renwick, at the heart of Marlborough's wine country, in its best possible light


Position Renwick as Marlborough's leading community with strong family values


Increase investment into Renwick and ensure outcomes are optimal for the community

To achieve these strategic priorities, eight working groups were set up. They are:

  • Community hub
  • UFB
  • Village beautification
  • Wine connection
  • Cycleways
  • Community focus
  • Water, and
  • Traffic management

The groups are all open, so anyone with ideas and abilities who’d like to join in is more than welcome. There will be more public meetings around the group’s work in the next few months, particularly around the Council’s possible options for Renwick’s drinking water supply.