Industry Group - Forestry and Wood Sector


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Industry Group - Forestry and Wood Sector

Wood Sector Strategy Report

Forestry and wood processing provide a significant contribution to Marlborough’s GDP, and to employment in the region. In 2014, the Wood Sector Group became the first group to be established under the Council’s Smart+Connected approach, with the first meeting taking place in May 2014.

The term 'Wood Sector' was selected so as to broaden the focus beyond traditional forestry activities, to include opportunities for innovation, downstream processing and value addition, by turning trees into timber products, advanced materials and fuels.

After a recess of several months, which allowed the sector to engage fully with the development process for the National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF), the Group undertook a review of its activities in mid-2019.

Following a broad engagement process with all elements of Marlborough’s forestry and wood processing sector, the Group was reconstituted with a strengthened Steering Group and two Working Groups.

The focus of each of these Working Groups is:

  • Developing a Positive Industry Reputation
  • Domestic Value Addition.

The Group comprises representatives of the forestry industry, local landowners, transportation service providers,the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and local government entities such as Marlborough Roads and Port Marlborough.