PC17 - Heritage Buildings, Places and Sites

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PC17 - Heritage Buildings, Places and Sites

Status: Operative

The following operative plan change has been made to the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan and has been incorporated into the Plan.

The proposed plan change seeks to further protect the Oparapara (Samson Bay) Argillite Quarries, which is currently recognised by the NZHPT as a Class A historic place. Two additional quarry sites within the Samson Bay area are proposed to be protected within the Plan, along with amendments to fix planning map errors associated with the existing Argillite Quarries heritage listing within the Plan. The proposed plan change also seeks to list the Tory Channel leading lights, and the former oil store shed associated with the lights, on the Register of Significant Heritage Resources within the Plan. The Tory Channel leading lights serve as both an important navigation tool within the Tory Channel, and as an historic reminder of local marine history. It is proposed that they are protected as a Class A heritage resource.

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