Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

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Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

The Council has reviewed the Marlborough Regional Policy Statement, the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan and the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan to create a single resource management document for the district.

The Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan (MEP) sets out what people can do on their land and how it may be developed. It also guides how individuals, businesses and the wider community may use public resources such as fresh water and coastal space.

By combining the various resource management policy statements and plans required by the Resource Management Act, Marlborough will have a single planning document enabling the integrated management of all the region’s natural and physical resources.

At this time, the Plan does not include the provisions relating to marine farming, which are still subject to review.

Note — A volume containing Statutory Acknowledgements relating to Te Tau Ihu Settlement legislation will form part of the MEP. However, it is not part of the formal notification process.


  • Accessing the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

    The proposed Marlborough Environment Plan can be accessed online via this website in flipbooks or pdfs.

  • Content Updates

    Content updates for the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan.

  • Section 32 Reports

    This section contains copies of national policy statements, national environmental standards and resource management regulations.

  • Statutory Acknowledgements

    Te Tau Ihu Statutory Acknowledgements are an attachment to the proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

  • Steps Involved After Notification

    Steps Involved After the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan is Publically Notified.

  • Submissions on the Proposed MEP

    Submissions closed on 1 September 2016. See timeline for further details.

  • Timeline

    Timeline of the process after public notification of the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan.

  • Volume 1 - Issues, Objectives, Policies and Methods

    Volume 1 sets out the regionally significant issues facing Marlborough and the objectives and policies to achieve integrated management of Marlborough’s natural and physical resources

  • Volume 2 - Rules

    Volume 2 of the Marlborough Environment Plan (MEP) contains rules that control activities occurring in the Marlborough environment.

  • Volume 3 - Appendices

    Volume 3 contains the appendices referred to in Volumes 1 and 2.

  • Volume 4 - Maps

    Volume 4 contains the planning maps for Marlborough, an integral part of the Marlborough Environment Plan in that they establish graphically the areas to which the rules set out in Volume 2 apply.

  • Zoning Comparison Tool

    The zoning comparison tool is able to compare zoning in the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan with Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan and Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan zoning.