Correspondence with the Environment Court

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Correspondence with the Environment Court

When the Environment Court issues correspondence, such as minutes and notices of mediation, they will be available for viewing below.





29 October 2020 Minute Case management directions and responses to memoranda of parties Minute of the Court – 29 October 2020 (PDF, 1.7MB)
21 August 2020 Minute Response to memoranda of parties and PHC vacated. Minute of the Court – 21 August 2020 (PDF, 274KB)
31 July 2020

Case Management Memorandum

Case Management Memorandum No.1 of the Marlborough District Council and subsequent Case Management Memorandum from other parties to proceedings ahead of the Environment Court Pre-Hearing Conference, are available here.

(Please note the PHC date of 28 August 2020 has been vacated. A minute from the Court will issue in due course). Council is also in the process of updating the ‘Topics Table’ and this will also be made available in due course.
Case management memorandum
21 July 2020 Minute and PHC Notice Consent memorandum – Dominion Salt

Process for appeal withdrawal

Section 274 Waivers

Notice of Pre-hearing conference
Minute of the Court – 21 July 2020 (PDF, 218KB)

Notice of Pre-hearing Conference (PDF, 597KB)
16 June 2020 Minutes and parties list Case Management Instructions

List of parties to the appeals
Minute of the Court – 16 June 2020 (PDF, 196KB)

List of Parties (PDF, 641KB)

15 April 2020


Clarification of the process for filing and serving appeals.

Minute is in response to memorandum.

Minute of the Court - 15 April 2020 (PDF,137.3KB)

Memorandum of Counsel for Intended Appellants (PDF,331.7KB)

26 March 2020


Extension of appeal period to 8 May 2020.

Minute of the Court - 26 March 2020 (PDF,130.7KB)

26 February 2020


Extension of appeal period to 30 working days from the issue of the tracked changes version of the PMEP.

Minute of the Court - 26 February 2020 (PDF,714KB)