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The decision of the MEP Hearing Panel was extensive and wide ranging resulting in a substantial number of changes to the notified version of the Plan. Due to the size and scale of the amendments required, there will be errors and/or omissions made in reproducing the decisions in the PMEP tracked changes version of the plan.

After the appeal period has concluded, errata for Volumes 1 to 3 will be incorporated into a tracked changes version of the PMEP and the associated comment in the right hand column will identify the change as 'errata'. Where the error or omission is to Volume 4, the change will be incorporated (without identification) into the map or overlay, as has occurred with all Panel decisions on this volume.

Please note: the paragraph references in the document below are the paragraph numbers as shown in the document 'Full Decision of the MEP Hearing Panel'. (The decisions that have been split by topic have a brief (seven paragraph) introductory text which results in a numbering discrepancy between the full and topic decisions.)

As errata are issued they will be listed in the document below