Hearings on the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

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Hearings on the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

Hearing Concluded

On 26 February 2019 the MEP Hearing Panel held a hearing for the last of the pre-determined hearing topics. Following, a final opportunity for submitters to identify any missed submission points was provided and a hearing held on these matters on 29 April 2019. After the completion of that final day of hearing, the Panel adjourned the hearing portion of the process and have started deliberations.

As the Panel consider the evidence and submissions, further information may be required. If minutes are issued requesting any such information, these will be available to view on the Marlborough District Council website.

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Due to the volume and content of submissions and the extent of subsequent evidence and legal submissions provided at the hearing, the deliberation process will be lengthy and a specific date for issuing the decision cannot be provided. However, the Panel are hopeful to release their decision in September/October 2019. Please keep in mind that this may change as the deliberations progress. If this is the case, we will update the timeline.

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Once the decision is final, it will be publicly notified. At the same time a copy of the public notice will be provided to all persons who made a submission on the MEP.

In order to ensure there is no delay in receiving correspondence in relation to the Marlborough Environment Plan hearings, if your contact details change, please let us know.

Contact details for the MEP hearings staff are available below.

  • Contact Us

    Contact details for the MEP Hearings Facilitators.

  • FAQs

    Here you can find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the MEP Hearings.

  • Important Documents

    We will upload important documents such as hearing notices and panel minutes as they become available.

  • Interim Decisions

    The intention of the Hearing Panel is to provide interim decisions only under special circumstances. One interim decisions are finalised, they will be uploaded here.

  • Meet the Panel

    Meet the Hearings Panel who will hear and determine the submissions made on the Proposed MEP.

  • MEP Hearings Portal

    You can use the MEP hearings portal to book a time to appear at a hearing and to upload your evidence. If you are not appearing at the hearings, you can use the portal to look up who is.

  • Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan Documents

    The full text of the Proposed MEP, along with other important documents relating to the Proposed Plan.

  • Submissions Database

    An online tool to look up all submissions and further submissions made to the public notification of the Proposed MEP.