Hearings on the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

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Hearings on the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

  • Contact Us

    Contact details for the MEP Hearings Facilitators.

  • FAQs

    Here you can find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the MEP Hearings.

  • Important Documents

    We will upload important documents such as hearing notices and panel minutes as they become available.

  • Interim Decisions

    The intention of the Hearing Panel is to provide interim decisions only under special circumstances. One interim decisions are finalised, they will be uploaded here.

  • Meet the Panel

    Meet the Hearings Panel who will hear and determine the submissions made on the Proposed MEP.

  • MEP Hearings Portal

    You can use the MEP hearings portal to book a time to appear at a hearing and to upload your evidence. If you are not appearing at the hearings, you can use the portal to look up who is.

  • Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan Documents

    The full text of the Proposed MEP, along with other important documents relating to the Proposed Plan.

  • Schedule

    This schedule may be subject to change.

  • Submissions Database

    An online tool to look up all submissions and further submissions made to the public notification of the Proposed MEP.