Important Documents

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Important Documents

  • Alignment of MEP with NES for Plantation Forestry

    Some submission points on Plantation Forestry have been affected by an alignment with the NES-PF. More information on what and why submissions have been affected can be found here.

  • Final Section 42A Report - Submission Points

    A few submission points have been identified as either not having been addressed in a Section 42A Report or addressed but a hearing notice not provided inviting a submitter to speak.

  • Hearing Notices

    Hearing notices will be sent out to parties who have submitted, and stated that they wish to be heard, on a particular topic.

  • Minutes of the Hearing Panel

    Outside of the formal hearing, the MEP Hearing Panel will communicate their directions, such as decisions on hearing procedures, by way of a minute. As a minute is issued it will be posted here.

  • Responses to Panel requests for information

    If, during the hearing process, the Panel requests further information be provided by a submitter, we will upload the documents we receive here.

  • Section 42A Reports

    Each hearing topic will have an associated Section 42A report. The report will be sent out with the relevant hearing notice to those who wish to be heard on that topic.

  • Submissions

    The submissions data page allows you to search for all submission and further submissions on the MEP.