Review of Resource Management Documents


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Review of Resource Management Documents

The Council has decided to rationalise the current resource management framework by combining the Marlborough Regional Policy Statement (RPS) and the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan and Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan. In effect, the current Volume One of both plans, which is the policy volume, becomes part of the RPS. However, an RPS cannot contain rules so we intend to prepare a separate volume of regional, regional coastal and district rules. This will implement the direction provided by the RPS. The objectives and policies of the RPS will assist to process and determine resource consent applications required as a result of the rules. In other words, any resource consent application will be assessed in accordance with the management framework established by the RPS.

What we are working towards is one policy document and one book of rules that will ensure that there is clear and concise direction on the critical resource management issues in Marlborough and importantly will also ensure a user friendly planning framework. To make it even easier to use the RPS, the explanations to, and the principal reasons for adopting, provisions have been combined.

The new resource management framework will be structured as follows:

Graph Review of Resource Management Documents

The review process has been underway for several years. The following links provide background and information on the various steps in the process. This also includes consultation and feedback, newsletters, the use of focus groups and the role of the Council’s Regional Planning and Development Committee.

RPS chapters considered by the Regional Planning and Development Committee

Since the 2013 local body elections, the Regional Planning and Development Committee has been working its way through the draft policy chapters for the new RPS. With the exception of Chapters 1, 2 and 3 (which are the Introduction, Background and resource management issues of significance for Marlborough’s tangata whenua iwi) these draft provisions have been considered by the focus groups assisting the Council in the review process and were also been made available for public feedback during 2013. The chapters with links below have been or are currently being considered by the Committee. Chapters yet to be considered are included in the list for information but until these have been considered by the Committee no link to the document will be provided.

When reading the chapters there are points at which text has been highlighted. This indicates that provisions are to be reviewed once other policy has been completed. Additionally, within some policies or the explanations to policies, there are references to schedules, or appendices’ or maps. Work on preparing and developing these has not been completed and they have not been included on the website.

Chapter 6:

The Council has recently completed an assessment of the natural character of Marlborough’s coastal environment. The assessment identifies areas of high, very high and outstanding natural character.

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The Council has recently completed an assessment of the natural character of selected Marlborough rivers. The assessment identifies rivers with very low, low, moderate, high and very high natural character.

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Chapter 12: Townships and Small Settlements (drafting in progress).

How to be Involved in the Review Process

To talk with someone about the review process, you can call on phone 520 7400 and ask for Pere Hawes. Alternatively you can email us on:

Pere Hawes -

Louise Walker -

If you would like to be notified when the reviewed Marlborough Regional Policy Statement and Resource Management Plan is available for public submission please email us on