Wairau/Awatere Plan Changes


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Wairau/Awatere Plan Changes

From time to time, issues arise in managing Marlborough's resources that mean it is necessary to review resource management plan provisions so that sustainable outcomes can be achieved. Managing the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan is very much a process of rolling review and it is expected that plan review work, involving one or more topical issues, will be occurring almost continually.

Operative Plan Changes

The following operative plan changes have been made to the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan and have been incorporated into the Plan. The details of each operative plan change is available by clicking on the title in the table below.

No. Plan Change Operative On
V42 Review of Central Business Zone 30/09/10
V48 Non State Schools 20/09/07
V49 Industrial 2 22/05/08
V50 Neighbourhood Business Zone - Springlands 04/06/10
PC47 Tremorne Avenue Rezoning 28/05/15
PC53 Allocation of Authorisations - (Marine Farming) 25/08/11
PC55 Heritage Buildings, Places and Sites 28/10/10
PC56 Heritage Trees 24/03/11
PC58 Frost Fans 02/10/14
PC59 Colonial Vineyards Limited (Private Plan Change) 05/03/15
PC61 Minor Amendments 20/03/14
PC62 New Dairy Farms 29/05/14
PC64 Urban Growth Area 02/10/14
PC65 Urban Growth Area 02/10/14
PC66 Urban Growth Area 02/10/14
PC67 Urban Growth Area 02/10/14
PC69 Urban Growth Area 02/10/14
PC71 Urban Growth Area - Plan Provisions 02/10/14
PC72 Marlborough Ridge Rezoning 25/05/15

Proposed Plan Changes

The following plan changes have been proposed for the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan and have not yet been made operative. The individual details of each proposed plan change is available by clicking on the title in the table below.

No.Proposed ChangeStatus
V38 Rural Issues Withdrawn 25/10/07
PC60 Maxwell Hill Zone (Private Plan Change) Declined
PC68 Urban Growth Area Declined
PC70 Urban Growth Area Declined

Variations (V) and Plan Changes (PC)

Council may make plan changes through a process of notifying a change, calling and hearing submissions, making decisions on those submissions and dealing with any appeals that may arise. At the end of the process the changes are made operative and they become part of the Plan.

There are two ways in which Council's Resource Management Plans can be amended; by a change or by a variation. A change is any change made to an operative plan while a change made to a proposed plan is a variation. While the majority of the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan is operative but there are a few parts which are not operative as they are still under appeal. There are currently changes proposed to both the operative part of the plan (plan changes) and the proposed part of the plan (variations)s.

Both plan changes and variations must follow the process set out for each of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991. Under the Resource Management Act 1991 as soon as a plan change or variation is notified Council is required to have regard to the proposed change or variation. Some of the provisions of the plan change or variation may affect the type of information or consent that is required for a proposal or activity.