PC59 Colonial Vineyards Limited (Private Plan Change)

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PC59 Colonial Vineyards Limited (Private Plan Change)

Status: Operative

The following operative plan change has been made to the Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan and has been incorporated into the Plan.

The plan change request is to amend the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan in relation to the “Colonial Vineyards” site being Lot 2 DP 350626 located South of New Renwick Road between Richardson Avenue and Aerodrome Road. The plan change requested is to rezone the existing 21.4 hectare property from Rural 3 to Urban Residential 1 and 2 to facilitate the residential development of the property.

The proposed plan change consists of the following:

Rezoning the property to Urban Residential 1 and Urban Residential 2 Zones.

  1. An indicative layout for roading and open space.
  2. A requirement for acoustic insulation of dwellings within the site.

Additional policies to assess the appropriateness of any indicative roading and open space at the time of resource consent.

Key Steps


Operative Date


High Court Decision


Environment Court Decision


Public Notice of Decision


Public Notice Renotification of Summary of Submissions


Public Notice of Summary of Submissions


Public Notice of Notification